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Distant LighthouseNEW NEW NEW Book... Available Now!

'The Distant Lighthouse'...
An original book by Sathya

To order visit The Distant Lighthouse.

It is about forgetting and then... remembering!

About the book:

Are there times in your life when you feel that you have forgotten something very important...a life-changing sort of ‘important’? Well, this is the story of a lighthouse that forgot what is truly important.. This is a tale of growth and discovery... how one lonely lighthouse found its purpose of life... a remembering that drove away all sadness and birthed a joy and bliss of living on purpose by simply being who it is.


Mary Lynn PETERS:

What a beautiful and inspiring book this is! The illustrations, the art, the lovely script in the writing, and the lighthouse remembering “Every time I shine - I will experience freedom and bliss!" What a sweet, simple way for us to remember Who we truly are. Just to know “I AM THE LIGHT. It is the ‘real Me.’ I am being redundant but I really love what Lighthouse says next: “Every time I shine - I will experience freedom and bliss!” What peace and joy that brings! I Love It! This is a work of Blessings, Grace and Beauty - helping all of us to know who we Truly are in the depth of our Souls. THANK YOU!

Ron Rodrigues:

This wonderful story has opened my heart and has gotten me to really take a look at my 'old ideas' about my life and purpose. It has helped me to 'step up' in my faith and recognition of the Light that is living in me. I am very grateful to have this story assisting me to change 'my story' to a happier ending.

To order your copy(ies) please visit The Distant Lighthouse web site or contact aCOF via email for your copy(ies). E-mail: We'd love to hear from you.

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Scenery"a Center of Freedom"is an oasis of living Truth. This venue is a heart of beauty, love, peace and bounty. All of those who are directed to receive the Goodness and Grace that this atmosphere offers are healed, inspired and transformed to a renewed and higher way of living.

We welcome and invite you who are ready to be “free from the bondage of self” to come and take the active footsteps to turn to the Spirit within and to live at One with The Divine.

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